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The Enchanting Barn - Osteen, FL - Christa & Andy

This gorgeous wedding at The Enchanting Barn took my breath away.

In true Florida fashion, the weather at the beginning of the day was sunny and beautiful, only to turn gloomy with a side of total down-pour later in the day.

Not to worry though! When you are a Florida wedding photographer, you learn to take every weather curveball mother nature throws at you and make the best of it, and that is exactly what we did!

Wanna know a little secret? I actually LOVE overcast weather on a wedding day because 1. There is great lighting everywhere so we aren't as limited with portrait locations and 2. It makes your colors POP

We definitely lucked out that the weather stayed nice for the ceremony and long enough for portraits!

Christa opted to do a first look with her dad and his sweet reaction melted my heart.

Even with the storms, Christa and Andy had the most perfect day celebrating their love


Second shot with Lyndsay Rae Photography


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