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An Afternoon wedding at Bella Collina

As an Orlando wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing countless love stories at some of the city's most stunning venues. But Bella Collina in Monteverde holds a special place in my heart. The Italian-inspired architecture, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes create a truly magical atmosphere for any celebration.

Erin & Henry's beautiful afternoon wedding at Bella Collina featured an intimate ceremony with a guest list filled with their closest family and friends. The early afternoon sun cast a warm glow over the entire event, adding to the romantic ambiance.

Planning an intimate wedding at Bella Collina? Here are a few tips to make your day as magical as Erin & Henry's:

  • Embrace the afternoon sun:  Morning/Early Afternoon weddings at Bella Collina can be breathtaking. The golden light creates a warm and romantic atmosphere for your photos.

  • Don't underestimate the power of entertainment: Even with a smaller guest list, a good DJ or live music can keep the energy high and ensure everyone has a blast on the dance floor.

  • Focus on the details: Personal touches, like unique centerpieces or a signature cocktail, can add a special touch to your intimate celebration.

Are you looking for an Orlando wedding photographer to capture your Bella Collina dream wedding?  Let's chat! I would be honored to document your love story in this stunning setting.



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