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Tree House Vero Beach Wedding - Carly & Kevin

Nestled between the palms of this tropical tree farm lies this stunning central Florida wedding venue.

Tree House Vero Beach is perfectly suited for the nature lover, and Carly and Kevin were just that. They included their sweet pup and a feathery friend in the festivities of their day.

Including your pets in your wedding day is a fun way to make the day more personal to you. When planning, keep in mind that you will need to designate someone to take care of the animals throughout the day, ensuring that they are fed, watered and any basic needs are met. The busy-ness of the day can be a whirlwind without allowing time to care for pets, so making sure that you delegate this responsibility to a friend, family member, or hire a service to do this for you are the most realistic options.

If you love greenery, this is the PERFECT wedding venue for you. There are so many beautiful tree lined portrait locations throughout the property.



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