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Dreamy Tropical Backyard Micro Wedding - Ocala, Florida

Getting to witness two people's love bring them so much joy and unite families together is always magical. While I genuinely think that all weddings are beautiful, I must say that micro weddings are my favorite!

Something about the intimacy of it all just really adds to how special the day is! I think it allows the couple to spend more time with their guests which is something that couples with larger weddings don't get much of a chance to do!

The classic, elegant, and tropical theme of this wedding perfectly complimented this backyard space. Which, can we just take a moment to talk about the backyard space?? I mean, wow!! This just goes to show that you can literally get married in your own backyard and it can be just as beautiful as a wedding venue. Natalie & Ryan worked so hard to renovate their home and add their own personal touches.

Imagine taking the money or even a fraction that is typically spent on a wedding venue and putting that towards things like landscaping & decor for your own space instead! I think that this is such a wonderful idea since it allows you to invest your money into your own backyard that you'll get to enjoy for years to come.

Natalie got ready with the help of her mom while family members put the finishing touches on the reception dinner space.

The ceremony was beautiful, intimate & emotional. The perfect way for Natalie & Ryan to welcome in this new chapter of their lives together surrounded by close loved ones.

Can we real quick talk about the best perk of a backyard wedding in my opinion? You get to include your pets in your photos!

A huge congrats to Ryan & Natalie on their marriage! I'm so thankful they chose me to capture their love. Wishing these two all the best, always!


This wedding was photographed by Calli Crawford Photography, destination wedding & elopement photographer who is based in Orlando, Florida

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