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Dark Forest Halloween Styled Elopement - Orlando, FL

I've been wanting to plan a Halloween shoot for so long and it was finally in the cards this year! I love all things Halloween, dark, and witchy, so I really wanted those elements to shine through with this shoot. I think that Halloween is growing in popularity every single year and I hope that one day I can photograph a Halloween themed wedding!

It was pretty bright out still when we began the session, but I honestly love the variety it gives this set of photos (keep scrolling for some dark and moody goodness!). The bright, glowy, back-lit and tree-lined meadow provides the perfect contrast behind Maya and Alex's dark attire.

As the sun went down, we made our way deeper into the forest, only stopping once we reached a completely uprooted tree with it's roots outstretched towards the sky like sharp, spindly fingers.

This shoot DEFINITELY forced me to get creative on so many levels. I usually aim to make couples laugh as much as possible during sessions. Trying to think of more serious and edgy poses really got me to think outside the box. I also arranged Maya's bouquet and styled her dress for the session which was so much fun for me!

I had so much fun with this shoot that I want to make Halloween shoots an annual tradition around here! Thanks Maya and Alex for being wonderful models and helping my vision come to life!



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